Marisha ChamberlainI write poems, novel-length fiction, plays, and texts for music such as song cycle lyrics and opera libretti. Why would anyone do all that? To me, it’s great fun, and deliciously risky to try a new form, and then find out I can do it well. Good ol’ trial and error—including plenty of error. This Website represents the experiments that worked, and the works in progress, about which, time will tell. I live in a loft in the old Schmidt Brewery in St. Paul, where, from my window, I can see actors rehearse, musicians play, dancers dance, and writers like myself bent over their laptops.

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Front burner projects:

The Marriage Genius, a recently finished novel manuscript.

Nude Ascending a Suitcase, a novel manuscript in progress.

The Faulkes Chronicle, a stage adaptation of the novel by David Huddle.